I've always enjoyed the word "defenestration".
— Alana Bloom, Aperitivo

As the tragic badass heroine of the story, Dr. Alana Bloom works as a psychology professor at Georgetown university, and also guest lectures and consults for the FBI when we first encounter her. Her kindness and genuine care for the people around her lead to many arguments between her, Jack Crawford, and Hannibal Lecter, her former mentor and short-time lover. Shattered in body and spirit by discovering the truth about Hannibal, she picks up the pieces by trying to engineer revenge. She takes up directorhip of the BSHCI once Hannibal is captured, and lives with the knowledge of her certain death at his hand should he ever get free. That doesn't stop her from finding love and a family with Margot Verger along the way.

Season 1Edit

She lets neither her professional curiosity about Will Graham, nor her attraction to him get the better of her.