On 02/01/2015, Tumblr user renmorris posted a photograph of Special Agent Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks juxtaposed with a screenshot of The Onion’s cinnamon roll article. On February 1st, Tumblr user needlekind published a post remarking that the “beautiful cinnamon roll” meme was so good that it didn’t “feel right calling it a meme.” That day, Tumblr user stillnotalterego reblogged the post with the message "beautiful cinnamon meme too good to be a meme"[1].

Fannibals adapted it quickly, and used it for a couple of characters, mostly Will Graham and Alana Bloom. It was also quite popular to divide the cast into "Looks like a cinnamon roll/Could kill you". There is an example in the Will section of this. To describe Will in season two, the term "Sinnamon Roll" was coined.


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