Welcome to Fannibal Family!

A home for everything that concerns the TV show Hannibal, its production, and its fandom.

I created this wiki because I needed a project that wasn't work, and I wanted to have a place to put all my Hannibal facts and passions. Also because there is no place where facts about the show, and facts about its fandom are united. There is Fanlore for fandom, and the Hannibal Wiki and other sites for the show, but nothing that unites the two.

A note to potential editors: I very much encourage you to add more links to fanfic, podfic, fanart, interviews, meta, reviews, etc. The more sources there are, the more fun it will be. If you want to add pictures, please note that I have a very strict submission policy for pictures.

Please do not change content that is already there, and do not add pages of your own. I know this is technically a wiki, but I essentially use it as a brain dump, and I get angry when strangers mess with my brain. Thank you!