I can undo what I said. I can also make it a lot worse
— Freddie Lounds, Potage

Frederica (Freddie) Lounds is a tabloid journalist with her own website, She reports on various murders and their aftermath throughout the show, especially on the case of the Minnesota Shrike and on the Chesapeake Ripper case. She is very dedicated to her work, to the extend of using a number of morally grey or illegal methods to obtain her information. It is left ambiguous to what extend she becomes invested in the cases she reports on; she is certainly very interested in Will Graham, and she is one of the first persons to suspect Hannibal Lecter as the Chesapeake Ripper. She is also the first person outside of the FBI who suspects Will to be in league with Hannibal, a relationship she later calls "Murder Husbands", a term borrowed from fandom.


  • "Here we are: a bunch of psychopaths helping each other out." ()
  • "This is possibly the finest salad I've ever eaten in my life. Shame to ruin it with all that meat." ()
  • "Maybe what Will understands is, if you can't beat Hannibal Lecter, join him" (Naka-Choko)
  • "She won't be fenced in by something as malleable as the truth. Freddie has no boundaries." (Alana Bloom, Naka-Choko)
  • "How was my funeral?" (No Ko Mono)