Setting the Table is the official (and sadly discontinued) production blog of the show. Various people of the production team talk about their jobs, food, the genesis of the TV show, a typical day in their live, why their production home is now included in the tourist tours, finding the atmosphere, etc. The last post is from 2014.


  • Martha De Laurentiis (Executive Producer)
  • Christopher Hargadon (Costume Designer)
  • José Andrés (Food Consultant)
  • Dave Wieland (Forensic Consultant)
  • David Slade (Director)
  • Janice Poon (Food Stylist)
  • Jim Bremner (Law Enforcement Tactical Consultant)
  • Shane Million (Special Effects Coordinator)
  • Matthew Davies (Production Designer)
  • Carol Trussell (Line Producer)
  • Patti Podesta (Production Designer)
  • Bryan Fuller (Executive Producer, Writer)